Danica Direct Import FAQ

  • What does DDI mean?

    DDI means Danica Direct Import.

    This is what we call the lines that we distribute within Canada but do not stock in our warehouse.

    These include: Chef'n, RSVP and Fat Daddio's.

    How do I order product from these lines?

    Please place your order with your local Sales Representative.

    What is the minimum order value for these lines?

    $250.00 CAD is our minimum. New accounts must submit their business registration number & PST exempt number please.

    May I break pack sizes?

    No, pack sizes may not be broken.

  • Where is your F.O.B point?

    Chef’n, RSVP and Fat Daddio’s are F.O.B Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Do you do C.O.D deliveries?

    No, there are no C.O.D deliveries.

    Do you accept returns?

    We do not accept returns on Danica Direct Imports lines, exceptions can be made through customer service subject to 15% restocking fee. Manufacturing defects will be accepted with prior authorization.

  • Do you keep backorders?

    No, please resubmit your order. Your sales rep will be able to assist you with eta’s.

    What is the lead time on DDI orders?

    Please allow for a 2 – 3 week lead time. Orders are submitted to the various DDI lines on a Monday morning by 9am PST. They are processed that week and cross the border into Canada over the weekend. They are then redirected to you.

    How do I report a problem with an order or a defective product on a DDI line?

    Please contact our Customer Service Department and they will assist you.

  • Do you offer freight promotions?

    Freight may be deducted on orders over $1600 when invoice is paid within terms. We are unable to combine shipments of orders on DDI lines. Throughout the year there are other freight offers – please speak to your local sales representative for current offers.

    What opportunities are there for special pricing?

    We offer discounts during our twice a year Restock promotion as well as various promotions throughout the year. Please speak to your local sales rep to find out more about current promotions.