Danica Studio FAQ

  • Who designs Danica Studio product?

    All Danica Studio products are designed in house by our talented team of designers.

    Where do your designers get their ideas?

    Our designers travel the globe in search of the latest fashion trends in the housewares market. After intense research they develop Colour Stories that are in line with global colour trends for the upcoming season.

    Our collections are designed around these colour stories so that our customers can easily create a unique colour-coordinated look in their stores.

    Who makes your product?

    We work closely with vendors around the world to produce items of the best quality and value. Most of our aprons, table linens, kitchen towels, cushions and doormats are made in India. Bath towels are from Turkey.

    We pride ourselves on having strong, long-lasting relationships with some of the very best vendors in the home textiles industry.

  • How do you know that working conditions at your factories are acceptable?

    We get on a plane and visit them. Managers travel around the world to personally inspect the factories and weaving centers where are product is made.

    We have a zero-tolerance policy towards child labour and forced labour.

    Is your product safe?

    Our first responsibility to our customers is to make sure our product is safe.

    We produce our products to the highest safety standards. All of our dinnerware meets California Proposition 65 standards for lead and cadmium levels. This standard is 10 times stricter than normal US FDA and Health Canada standards. All dyes and pigments in all of our textiles are non-toxic. All children’s items are lead and phthalate free and conform to CPSIA.

  • How do I care for my textiles?

    Most of our 100% cotton textiles can be machine-washed and dried. Some special constructions such as silk and beadwork require dry cleaning. When in doubt, check the care label.

    Will cotton textile items shrink after washing?

    Yes. We love 100% cotton, but it will shrink after the first wash. Expect 3-5% shrinkage for aprons, 6-8% shrinkage for table linens and kitchen towels, and 10-12% shrinkage for waffle weave dishtowels and dishcloths.

  • Are your products suitable for commercial use?

    No. All of our products are designed for domestic use and laundering. Danica Studio kitchen items are designed primarily for domestic kitchens and marketed to kitchenware stores, not restaurant supply.

    What’s so great about
    100% linen?

    Linen is one of the best kitchen and tabletop textile materials. It is made from the flax plant, a fast-growing, sustainable crop. It is more durable and absorbent than cotton, and was the traditional material for dishtowels before cotton became prevalent. Hang linen items to dry or remove them from the dryer while still slightly damp and iron on a hot and steamy setting.